Leah's Pampered Pooch Salon LLC is a small breed  dog grooming salon in Weatherford.  

              Leah's Pampered Pooch Salon LLC pet grooming is designed to provide the highest                                       quality experience for your pet in Weatherford

Pets are family.


Regular pet grooming does more than keep your dog looking their best.  It also helps promote good health for your pet.  Regular dog grooming visits, every 4 to 6 weeks,  gives the pet groomer an opportunity to observe your dog’s natural healthy appearance.  The pet groomer will get to know the eyes, ears, teeth, and coat when the dog is feeling good.  As a result, the pet groomer will be quicker to notice any changes that might be cause for concern. Pet grooming helps remove dead hair, skin flakes, and dirt from your dog’s coat.  It also gives the dog groomer time to examine the dog’s body, feel for unusual lumps under the skin, as well as rashes, bald spots, sores, and dull or flaky skin.  These are all potential warning signs that may warrant a trip to your veterinarian.


Leah's Pampered Pooch Salon is an small breed professional dog grooming salon, located in Weatherford, Texas and provides a relaxing spa services in a clean and loving environment. My modern equipment and updated procedures are designed to promote a calm and happy experience for your beloved dog..  I am trained and certified through a state licensed teaching facility. I am very committed to keeping your pet looking and feeling their very best with the highest standards of excellence in the art of professional pet grooming. Various spa treatments are available to select from, as well as, on- going dog grooming care plans to keep your beloved dog looking their absolute best at all times. Services are by appointment Tuesday thru Friday.  Appointments are made for each pet, and that time is dedicated to your pet only.  The pets are scheduled one family at a time to provide a calm and relaxing experience for each pet.  I do request at least a 24 hour notice in the event that an appointment must be canceled.   I also request that pets are picked up within 30 minutes from time pet parent is notified to ensure the next client with the same relaxing environment.  On occasion special arrangements can be made as long as the pet does not stress or cause other clients to stress.  These arrangements must be made in advance.  I gladly accept cash and check payments. 

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On a healthy dog paw the nails should not touch the ground.  This prevents pressure from being applied to the nail bed as the dog walks.
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